Buying Weed in Amsterdam Coffee Shops

Disclaimer: The information here is meant primarily to entertain and educate people about what is already happening in Amsterdam coffee shops. It is not an endorsement of what already goes on.

In this guide for buying weed in Amsterdam coffee shops, we offer tips to ensure you avoid the dangerous street peddlers and get high-quality, potent marijuana from regulated shops while visiting Amsterdam. One key to getting a quality experience out of an Amsterdam coffee shop is to be a discriminating buyer.

One major thing to look for when buying weed in Amsterdam is a pungent smell. The smell can vary from strain to strain, but generally you want weed with a very strong smell.

Another thing to look for in weed is stickiness. Stickiness comes from the resin of the marijuana plant, which contains lots of THC, the main psychoactive compound of cannabis.

Yet another factor to look for when buying weed are “crystals.” “Crystals” is slang for the trichomes of the cannabis plant, which are filled with THC. The trichomes are hairy-like particles on the buds of flowering plants. These fine hairs are filled with resin containing THC. They produce the stickiness that distinguishes good quality marijuana. Generally, the more prominent are the crystals the more potent is the weed.

A good rule of thumb when buying weed is to select a bud with few or no seeds. Generally, a bud with seeds is an indication of poorer quality. The less stem there is in the nugget the better.

Look for nuggets that are dense and hard. Density and hardness are generally indicators of healthy growing conditions.

Another sign of a THC-rich bud are various colors, like purple, blue, red, or orange. These are an indication of a potent strain.

Marijuana crystals from potent strain with orange coloring.

The marijuana is said to be “cured” when it is dried and prepared for smoking. Because Europeans prefer mixing cannabis with tobacco, they are said to prefer the marijuana less cured. As a result, the marijuana sold at Amsterdam coffee shops will tend to be somewhat moist. Marijuana connoisseurs may differ in how they prefer their weed cured, with some preferring crisp buds that break apart easily while others may prefer more resin and moisture. You will want to closely inspect “cured” (or dried) marijuana when you visit an Amsterdam coffee shop to make sure you are getting a potent nugget — or chunk of marijuana.

Keep in mind that while a particular sample of marijuana may have all of these factors, it may still be of poor quality. Conversely, a nugget that is of high quality — which is said to be “dank” — may appear of lower quality. The genetics, growing conditions, and treatment after harvest are all factors in the potency of the marijuana. Therefore, you will never really know the quality of the marijuana until it has been smoked!