Amsterdam Tips

Below are some Amsterdam tips. Amsterdam is a pretty safe city, but as always, one should exercise caution. What you would normally not do at home to jeopardize your safety you should not do there. Follow these tips to ensure your trip to Amsterdam is an enjoyable and safe one.

Moulin Rouge at Amsterdam Red Light District.

1. Avoid walking through alleys, or around the park, at night. Though crime in Amsterdam is not as bad as some claim, this will reduce the risk of getting robbed or mugged.

2. Be aware that there are pickpockets in crowded areas, especially where there are tourists. Places to be extra cautious are the airport, Central Station, and in buses and trams.

3. Do not buy drugs from the street peddlers in the Red Light District. There have been cases of tourists getting robbed. If you do buy from them, there is a good chance you will be sold bunk or fake drugs. If you are offered illegal drugs, just ignore these peddlers. Pretend they do not exist.

4. Keep in mind that the prostitutes behind the windows wish to keep some privacy and will thus react angrily if you decide to take a picture of them. It’s best to simply avoid taking pictures of them. If you are going to take pictures, do not be overt about it, as it can lead to an angry confrontation.

5. For a tour of the window prostitutes, the hours they can be seen are between 10 am and 7 pm — with the best time between 12 and 4 pm.

6. While there are taxis all over the city, the trams are much cheaper and can often help you get to where you need to go just as quickly.

Amsterdam tram.

7. If you are going in the winter, do not underestimate the cold weather in the city. Make sure to bring the appropriate attire, so that you can walk around the city with a fair degree of comfort.

8. It gets dark outside much earlier than in other parts of the world. In the winter it starts getting dark around 6 pm.

9. The marijuana in the coffee shops is very, very potent. If you normally do not smoke, you will not need to buy too much nor smoke too much as a few puffs will get the job done. Be especially careful with the “space cakes,” which are cookies or brownies which may contain very large amounts of hash. It is easy to overdose on a space cake, which can lead to temporary illness.

10. The Dutch speak English fluently. Thus, if you are from an English-speaking country, or can speak a little bit of English, you will be fine and can always find people to ask for directions.