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Disclaimer: This is simply an informational website to educate and entertain. None of the activities common in the Red Light District are necessarily endorsed. Additionally, this website, though mainly informational, is intended for adults 18 years of age and older.  Anyone under 18 should go elsewhere.

Amsterdam has a couple of red light districts but the best known one, and the one to which we refer here, is known as De Wallen. The Amsterdam girls behind the windows come from all over the world. Visitors will find many Eastern European, Asian, Black, Latin American, and Western European women in the Red Light District. Rarely will one encounter prostitutes as attractive as in the fiercely competitive capitalistic market of the Red Light District. They charge anywhere from 50-100 euros. The Red Light District is open from 10 am to 7 pm. Amsterdam girls work 8-hour shifts and are charged 60-150 euros a day to rent the window.

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The women are open to negotiate before offering their services and the johns can let them know exactly what they want to reach an agreement. Clients who do not negotiate beforehand may be upsold for each and every act with the girl. For example, she may keep her top on and state it will be an extra 20 euros to take it off. Or she may only be willing to have sex in the missionary position, and charge an extra 20 or 50 euros for a different sexual position. A john that reaches a mutual agreement before entering the window has a better chance of leaving the encounter as a satisfied customer. It is recommended that clients be up-front about asking for what they want. These women have heard it all before and for them it is strictly business.

As a general rule, a 15-minute “suck and fuck” (a blowjob with a condom and sex with a condom in the missionary position) will cost 50 euros. For extra time — say an extra 10-15 minutes — or to try multiple sexual positions, or to suck on the prostitute’s breasts, the john will usually have to pay an extra 50 euros.

Some of the window girls reportedly give an amazing experience, and others will give mediocre or poor performance. One tactic used by johns to avoid getting scammed or picking a woman with a bitchy attitude is to chat a little beforehand to determine if the woman has a pleasant attitude.

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How to Avoid Scams

If a person visits enough prostitutes, whether in Amsterdam or anywhere else, he is bound to eventually run into a scam. The nature of the scams in Amsterdam differ, based on its own unique setting.

Outside of Amsterdam, and particularly in the escort business in the U.S. and elsewhere, johns have to deal with issues such as women who have been polished up on websites and look totally different in real life, the agency sending a different girl from the one expected, and the hooker demanding more money than was advertised (“bait-and-switch”).

One advantage to “mongering” (searching for prostitutes) in Amsterdam is that johns get to see the quality of the goods up-close. Amsterdam girls are scantily clad with their goods very visible for thorough inspection. Johns can take their time to figure out which one to bang, and can converse with them to find who has a likable personality.

Still, just because prostitution is legal and regulated in Amsterdam does not mean a person cannot get scammed by a hooker. Described below are common scams encountered in the Red Light District and what a person can do to minimize the chances of being a victim. It must be emphasized, though, that there is no fool-proof way to avoid getting scammed: these girls primarily target tourists whom they may never see again. Thus, it is no big loss to them if they can extract 50 or 100 euros from an unlucky visitor, ruining his day.

Among the pieces of advice a person can glean off the internet is to look for girls who smile and are congenial during negotiation. As a general guideline, this is a good rule to follow. Keep in mind, however, that the most ruthless, conniving hooker can feign a smile and an attitude. In addition, some of the hottest girls a person can find are strictly business and will fulfill one’s 15-minute fantasy, with none of the obvious fakery of how desirable one is as a man.

The most common scam goes as follows: a john enters the window and the girl brings him to her bed, telling him to pay her up front (almost always prostitutes in the Red Light District will ask a john to pay before the service, to ensure they are paid). An agreement is reached on what exactly will be done and money will be exchanged. The prostitute will ask the john to undress and will put a condom on him. She may then proceed to perform oral sex, and as the sexual act progresses she will suddenly become irritable, as if the john is not behaving “properly.” She may tug especially hard on his genitals while performing oral sex, to make it uncomfortable for him. When penetrating her, she may use her index and middle fingers to prevent the john from penetrating her too deeply, and during this time she may again hurl insults and appear irate that the john is not finishing fast enough. With verbal abuse she will do whatever she can to ruin his time and get him to leave the window as quickly as possible so she can move on to the next customer. This assumes she even lets the john penetrate her vaginally — and it’s unlikely she will allow the john to penetrate her in any other position than missionary.

Another similar scam, and one that is less common, is for the prostitute to flat out deny the john the sex when it was clearly agreed upon. She will do whatever she can to get him off with a condom and out as quickly as possible. She may even tug particularly hard on his penis while giving oral sex to make it too uncomfortable for him to want to continue, so that he will leave as soon as possible.

To minimize the chances of getting scammed, johns are advised to follow the general guideline of doing business with Amsterdam girls who show positive body language: smiling, dancing, and being sociable. In addition, they are advised to not offer the prostitute too much money before the sex. They should see how well she performs during the foreplay, how mechanical she is, and if she will choke on his penis with her hand or obstruct penetration. They should see if she is willing to try different sexual positions. If she doesn’t act weird, and is willing to accommodate his tastes, then he may want to offer her more money for extra time or extra sexual favors.

By not giving the prostitute too much money early on, before she has demonstrated how accommodating she really is, the client stands to lose less from an unpleasant or scheming woman. If a john encounters a prostitute who uses the tactics described above to get him to leave as quickly as possible, he shouldn’t take it personal and bother with her head games. He is advised to cut his loss and move on: to find another hooker — preferably one who is better-looking and more to his taste — to give him a good time. Then again, she may be willing to finish him off with a blowjob with a condom, and for 50 euros that may at least provide him some satisfaction.

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Additional Tips

Typically when a client enters the window following negotiation he will be asked where he is from and how long he is staying. This is a way for the prostitute to establish some rapport as well as to determine if she can make more money off of him from future visits. Whatever length of time the john will be in Amsterdam or has left, a good rule of thumb is for him to tell her he has just arrived and will be staying for two weeks. He can even ask her what days she works and if she will be there tomorrow or some future date. By doing this he is seeding in the idea that she must perform well so that he will give her more business. If a john is leaving the next day and admits to it, she might be less inclined to offer him good service because from her standpoint there is no potential future business with him.

Just because a girl is a prostitute does not mean she will have sex with anybody and cannot be choosy. Prostitutes, like strippers, may turn down an offer from a potential client based on their own standards. So if a prostitute discriminates against a john for some reason, he should not let it bother him and should move on to the next girl.

The area of the Red Light District with the most attractive European women is in the narrow streets in front of the Oude Kerk (Old Church). One will find these narrow streets right by the Bulldog coffee shop. Behind the church one will find numerous Black African women. There are also sections with Asian women, Latin American women, and transsexuals.

Whatever a person’s tastes and preferences, he will find what he likes at the Red Light District!